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Are you stuck in your life right now? Do you wish you had direction, purposeor passion? If you are like me, you are driven and hard-working but painful experiences and negative belief systems may be holding you back from the success you truly deserve. Its time to finally break through!

My name is Dr. Irum Tahir and I’m an international speaker, coach, Entrepreneur and Chiropractor. If you could use powerful strategies to take your life to the next level, you’re in the right place!

You may be an influencer who wants to change lives or someone who owns their own business or a Chiropractor who wants to transform health…No matter who you are, I guarantee that using the innovative strategies I provide will transform old belief patterns to escalate your success.

I believe that we are meant to live a life of happiness, joy and peace. Not just this, life is too precious for you not to be loving the life you’ve been given, living with passion while increasing your revenue and impacting more lives in a positive way.

Lets start with 5 Empowerment strategies to get on your journey towards transformation.

Being a part of a tribe of change agents, I will push you as I push myself… mentally, physically, emotionally in my own quest for mastery. I would love to show you how I’ve created huge breakthroughs in my own life by transforming old belief patterns to achieve my dreams … faster.

You may have feelings of anxiety, stress, sadness, pain or disappointment that somehow always seem to be there, even in a specific area of your life.

I can absolutely understand how you may be feeling because I have been there myself, until I’ve coached clients all over the world and found that no matter what country, nationality or faith an individual has, human beings all have specific belief patterns that are holding them back from their success, health and happiness. These belief patterns can be limiting and stopping your greatness in achieving your dreams.

In the last 5 years, I have also achieved more than I ever thought possible for myself by this time in my life. In that journey, I have had the privilege of working with some of the most powerful, successful people in the world today and found they all have one thing in common. Core beliefs about their success which create extraordinary lives. What separates good from great?

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"Thankfully, I was able to break through all these thoughts and habits and become more aware of myself and my thoughts. I was able to break free from a past of limiting beliefs, self doubt, and recreate my own world based on awareness of my power..."

Ana Cortes

Company Name: Life University Student
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