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The kids are the best part

The kids are the best part

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There is so much pain in the refugee population, what most people do not realize is that the kids are affected just as much, sometimes more than the adults are. I have never seen so many cases of bedwetting, which is a sign of stress in a child’s body. Children also came in with colic, ear infections and reflux. The kids LOVE being adjusted and have responded so beautifully. One little girl that came in today, has severe PTSD post war. She is bedwetting, has reflux and is a very sad child. Working with her spine and her nervous system I can see why. The emotional trauma has taken a physical toll on her body, and her body has no other way to respond besides these symptoms. Millions of kids in the United States enjoy gentle, safe Chiropractic care because it gets them well and keeps them healthy for the rest of their life with regular adjustments. We are lucky to have access to thousands of Chiropractors for our children in the United States. ¬†Find one here :

Since the refugee population hardly has access to basic healthcare, Chiropractic is out of the question. Except for a few lucky refugee kids who have been able to experience vitality, health and freedom through adjustments in the past days in the clinic. IT.

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